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Business automation with custom software

We are offering you an affordable solution to automate the daily routine of your business, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of errors at the same time. With the introduction of our software, you will not only save valuable human resources that you can concentrate on more delicate tasks, but you will also minimize the chance of committing human errors on routine activities. And this is still not all... having our software supporting your business will put you in the lead by readily providing vital information about your business processes that you were not able to access or analyze before.

Flexible implementations

What sets your business apart from large enterprises is not only its limited budget, but also its flexibility and ability to react quickly to the ever changing demands of the market. We recognize this huge advantage that your business has over the sluggish machinery of large enterprises, and we supply custom software solutions that will be ready to face new challenges without the need for constant modifications. We achieve this flexibility by creating software that supports an extremely high level of customizability.


Our software solutions incorporate access from multiple platforms, thus providing you with full your working potential even while being away from your desk. Remote access to your custom software is either realized through your mobile device's wap or web browser, or it is implemented through a dedicated client application installed onto your PDA or smartphone. We are developing software for Windows and Linux PCs, for Windows CE handheld devices, for Pocket PC PDAs and for Series 40, Series 60 and Series 80 smartphones with Symbian OS.

Multi language support

Technologies like the internet already bridge vast distances, opening up new markets for your business. Using our custom software, now you also have the opportunity to bring down the language barrier, enabling you to reach your associates, clients and customers in their own language. Our software solutions have multi language support built into their core, thus they are able to 'learn' new languages easily in no time.


We have large experience in using the following technologies: C++, Delphi, Kylix, Java, JSP, HTML, WML, XML, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access and Firebird.

Development phases

All custom software that we produce goes through the following phases:

Lifetime warranty

We give lifetime warranty on every software solution that we create. This warranty covers the correction of any software error arising, while operating the software in the environment, and for the purpose it was originally designed for.

24/7/365 support

We provide you with 24 hours support that is ready to answer your questions, or assist you in the usage of your software.