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Just as your business differs from others, so do software that those businesses use, so without knowing your requirements, it is impossible to give exact figures on how much a custom development is going to cost.

Let's start by saying that even though some of our software can be had for as little as 250 USD, typical custom software development for small business automation and web presence will mostly fall into the 1,000 - 4,000 USD range. Large projects will generally cost over 4,000 USD. Just contact us Contact us and ask for a free quote on custom software development for your business.

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Payment terms

We are taking over the financial risk throughout the development process by not requiring any deposit, or advance payment. We will proceed to the delivery of the first preview version without you having to spend a single dollar on your future software. The contract price is paid in the following steps:

As you can see, our paying scheme is constructed so that you only pay for what you have already received.

Dissatisfaction rebate

In case you are not satisfied with the custom software we create for your business, you are allowed to retain up to 20% of the whole contract price.

Custom payment schemes

Just as any other part of the contract, payment terms can be subject to negotiation. If you prefer a schedule different from the one outlined above, just contact us Contact us and we will be happy to listen to what you have in mind.