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We offer custom software development for your business

Just like the finest custom tailored suit made of your favourite materials, with pockets and buttons arranged to your comfort, your resolware custom software will not only be a perfect fit for the needs of your business, but it will also bring an air of elegance into the way your business operates. read more on this Business automation by custom software

Scalable and customizable implementations

We believe in the growth of your business just as you do, so our software provides you with flexibly scaling and effortlessly customizable solutions that will easily keep the pace with the growing demands of your expanding business. read more on this Flexible implementations

Multi platform access

In today's mobile world you cannot afford to be bound to your desk. Using the browser or dedicated client application installed onto your notebook, smartphone or PDA, our software gives you instant access to your data while you're on the move. read more on this Platforms

Multi language user interface

If your business is involved in international operations, or works with associates in foreign countries, you already know the importance of being able to communicate with people in their own language. Our software promotes the use of multiple languages in a natural way. read more on this Multi language support

Advantageous paying scheme

We would like to requite your trust of contracting us by not requiring any deposit, or advance payment. Our paying scheme is constructed so that you only pay for what you have already received, checked and tested to your satisfaction. We are so confident that the software we create will live up to your expectations, that we are offering you the opportunity to retain a considerable part of the whole contract price, if you are not satisfied with the final software we deliver. read more on this Payment terms

Lifetime warranty

We give you lifetime warranty on the software that we create for you. We continue to support our product as long as your business is using it. read more on this Lifetime warranty